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Martin Bright - candidate for the UK Consultative Forum (UKCF)

[Standing for Midlands]

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Election address

I have worked in the IT industry for over 19 years, initially for the Information Technology Office of the Inland Revenue. In 1996 I TUPE'd to EDS and just over three years ago I TUPE'd again to Fujitsu Services as part of the HMRC Aspire contract.

I am a member of the PCS union. I believe that having the backing and resources of PCS enables me to represent all employees irrespective of their union affiliations, better than is possible as an independent candidate.

I believe in fairness, openness, equaility and a fair and transparent pay system for ALL employees.

Further information

The election address is of limited length - not much room to give you the background information you might want. The union members standing for these seats have put together a briefing pack.