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Security of Employment Agreement (SEA)

The Security of Employment agreement covers most ICL employees. However, many people find it hard to get a copy off the company - so we have a copy here.

Sections in the SEA include:

  1. General Selection Procedure
  2. Duration of Consultative Period and Individual Warning/Formal Notice
  3. Terminal Payments
  4. Bonus Payments
  5. Supplementary Benefit
  6. Leave of Absence to Attend Interviews
  7. Employees Reinstated
  8. Pensions
  9. Apprentices
  10. Students
  11. Additional Points

And several Appendices:

  1. Areas of ICL to which Security of Employment Agreement Applies
  2. Special measure for: employees over 65/on Long Term Sickness/part time Epmployees working less than 16 hours per week
  3. ICL Hourly-rated Employees Pension Scheme
  4. ICL Pension Fund
  5. The Powers Fund and Life Assurance Scheme
  6. Local Agreements identified as Providing Alternative Terminal Payment Packages

The SEA is available to view in two formats:


15 months after the SEA was signed, ICL and the unions agreed a second update agreement, clarifying how consultation would take place. This is significant because it makes it even clearer that ICL should give a 90-day consultative period regardless of the numbers of redundancies in each establishment, and point 4 also clarifies when the 90-day consultative period is deemed to have started.

The SEA Update is available to view in two formats: