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Where to go for Help

Unite Representatives work as a team to represent you, sharing out the issues between them.

If you want some help or advice, want to get involved, or have a suggestion to put forward, your first port of call should be the Unite Rep in your area, unless there is a Rep specialising in the issue in question.

If you don't work in Fujitsu
and you are a member, contact your Regional Officer.

If you work for Fujitsu
and you don't know who your local Unite Representative is, then see the list below:

[nb: If you are a member who urgently needs representation and no trained local rep is available, you should contact your Unite Regional Office.]

Unite Reps and Contacts in Fujitsu Services Limited

London & Eastern

  • STE04: (R)(C21)(R)(C21)

Manchester Bargaining Unit

  • All BU areas: (R)(R)(H&S)(Env)(R)(t)(H&S)(C21)(R)(t)(H&S)(C21)(R)(R)(R)(R)(t)(R)(t)(R)
  • Benefit Fuel Card consultation: (R)
  • HMRC redundancies: (R)
  • Home Office redundancies consultation: (R)
  • Pensions: (R)
  • Pre-Sales: (R)
  • Products consultation: (R)

North East, Yorkshire, Humberside & Scotland

  • WAK01: (R)(t)(H&S)(C21)

Northern Ireland

  • LifeSight pension: (R)

South East, South West & Wales

  • CAF04/SWN12: (R)

(R) = A workplace rep.
(t) = The rep is trained to accompany members at grievance and disciplinary meetings.
(C21) = The rep is on the Combine-21 Committee.
(H&S) = A health & safety rep.
(L) = A Union Learning Rep.
(Eq) = An Equality rep.
(Env) = An Environment rep.

Last updated: 30/03/2021

[There are additional reps and contacts on many sites, but who do not wish to be included in this public list. The number and spread of reps and contacts keeps growing - if you're willing to be a rep or contact for your site, please .]

All local members are encouraged to come along to branch meetings, where issues can be discussed.