October 31, 2016

Support tomorrow's strike at Fujitsu Manchester

Moral and financial support and solidarity is pouring in for tomorrow's strike for pay, pensions and job security at Fujitsu Manchester.

You can read some of the messages of support for yourself.

If you want to support us tomorrow, you could:

1) Come and visit our picket at Fujitsu, Central Park, Northampton Road, Manchester, M40 5BP (map). This is opposite the Central Park Metrolink station and GMP headquarters. If coming by car, just drive up and we will show you where to park. The best time to visit will be between 7-9:30am. We will probably have a little rally around 8:30-9am.

2) Support us on social media with hashtag #FujitsuFightback. Facebook. Twitter.

There's more ideas in our appeal for support leaflet, and a collection sheet on the home page of this site.

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October 28, 2016

Q & A for Fujitsu staff about the dispute

In preparation for action starting on Monday, Unite has produced an updated Q&A about the Manchester dispute aimed at Fujitsu staff.

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Manchester dispute for non-Manchester Fujitsu employees

Please see the following leaflet to Fujitsu Employees outside Manchester, explaining the Manchester dispute in the context of job security and the national Unite campaign within Fujitsu. The leaflet is here

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October 27, 2016

Support Unite members at Fujitsu Manchester

In advance of the industrial action starting next week, we have an updated
appeal for support leaflet and a collection sheet.

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October 25, 2016

Industrial action called at Fujitsu Manchester

Following the vote in favour of strike action and action short of strike in the industrial action ballot, UNITE has called on members employed by Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit to take the following industrial action:

  • From 00:01 on Monday 31st October 2016, a continuous work to rule, withdrawal of goodwill and ban on overtime.

  • From 00:01 on Tuesday 1st November 2016, a continuous refusal to undertake time recording (e.g. SST) or forecasting (e.g. MyTime)

  • Discontinuous strike action consisting of a 24 hour stoppage commencing at 00:01 on Tuesday 1st November 2016 and a 48 hour stoppage commencing at 00:01 on Monday 7th November 2016.
  • The 24-hour strike on Tuesday 1st November is timed to coincide with Living Wage Week and the announcement of the new Living Wage figure, giving us the opportunity to highlight our pay issues when the media spotlight is on one of our issues.

    The 48-hour strike on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th November gives us the opportunity to highlight all our issues – pay, pensions and job security. All three issues remain important, and the announcement of 1800 UK job cuts makes the job security issue even more important than ever.

    The dates have been chosen to highlight the 'equal pay day' for women working for Fujitsu – the date after which they would be, on average, working for free if they were paid as much as their male colleagues. This is a few days earlier than the UK’s general equal pay day on 10th November, because Fujitsu’s gender pay gap is worse than average.

    The ban on overtime is primarily intended to prevent the company “catching up” with work delayed or disrupted by strikes. It covers both paid and unpaid overtime, but does not cover work when you are called out from standby.

    The “work to rule” and “withdrawal of goodwill” mean slowing things down by doing your job by the book. This could include things like reading company announcements and CafeVIK information fully, following procedures and checks meticulously, logging calls thoroughly, making appropriate use of unavailable states, taking all your breaks, or not using your own car on company business (unless you have a company car or allowance in lieu). Use your imagination!

    Most staff hate filling in SST and MyTime, and refusing to do so will have a real impact on the company. This could be a very effective form of action short of strike.

    At the last members’ meeting members instructed reps to ensure that the settlement of the dispute includes a clause prohibiting victimisation or detriment, as in previous disputes, and to ensure this includes any impact of our industrial action on achievement of objectives or targets.

    Remember that strike days shouldn’t just mean not working. We’re striking to try to win a decent settlement on important issues. The more people who actively participate the sooner we will win and the fewer strikes we will need. Details of strike-day activities will be announced in coming days.

    Don’t forget that non-members are entitled to take part in the industrial action too, but they can’t get financial support from UNITE. The best thing for them to do is join, which lots are doing.

    An updated FAQ will be circulated in the next few days, which will include details of financial support for strikers and the process for individuals and the company to use if they need to request an exemption from any of the planned action.

    There will be a lunchtime campaign meeting, open to all UNITE members:

    1-2pm, Thursday 27th October

    This will be an opportunity to clarify any questions or concerns about the issues or action called and to organise the logistics for Tuesday’s strike.

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    October 19, 2016

    Fujitsu Manchester ballot result

    Members have voted for strike action and action short of strike over pay, pensions and job security

    Unite has declared the result of the ballot on industrial action at Manchester. Voting closed at noon today, Wednesday 19th October. The official notice of the result and the covering letter to the company are provided here and here.

    UNITE members in scope of the Manchester Recognition Agreement voted by 78.5% for industrial action short of strike and by 55.5% for strike action. A summary of the result is as follows:

    Question: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?
    Number of votes cast 192
    Spoiled voting papers 1
    Number voting YES 106 (55.5%)
    Number voting NO 85 (44.5%)

    Question: Are you prepared to take part in industrial action short of a strike?
    Number of votes cast 192
    Spoiled voting papers 1
    Number voting YES 150 (78.5%)
    Number voting NO 41 (21.5%)

    Thanks to all members who returned their ballot papers.

    You should not take any industrial action unless and until officially instructed to do so by the union.

    There will be further announcements in the next few days following on from this ballot and the recent members meeting resolution about the industrial action. Members are reminded that before any action takes place the company have to be given seven days notice; therefore members will at least have that notice and are strongly encouraged to attend any organising meetings, so they can contribute to and shape the action and campaign.

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    October 13, 2016

    Messages of support for Fujitsu Manchester

    Since Manchester members issued their appeal for support they have been overwhelmed with messages from organisations and individuals across the trade union movement in and beyond the UK, as well as from former employees. You can read the first batch of these messages here.

    A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting our fight for pay, pensions and job security.

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    October 11, 2016

    Fujitsu to axe 1,800 IT jobs ‘a hammer blow’ to the UK economy, says Unite

    Unite has issued the press release below which is already getting a lot of coverage.

    If you aren't a Unite member yet, please join.

    Fujitsu to axe 1,800 IT jobs ‘a hammer blow’ to the UK economy, says Unite

    IT giant Fujitsu’s plans to axe 1,800 jobs - about 18 per cent of its UK workforce - was branded as ‘a hammer blow’ to the British economy by Unite, the country’s largest union, today (Tuesday 11 October).

    Unite national officer for IT Ian Tonks said: “This is a hammer blow for these hardworking employees who have given their all to make the UK subsidiary highly profitable.

    “It is not good news for the UK economy as the company says that it intends to offshore many of these jobs, with increased automation also responsible for job losses.

    “Fujtsu’s main UK subsidiary made £85.6m profit last year and we see no reason for these job losses. Unite will be doing its utmost to fight for these jobs, as well as giving our members maximum support at this very worrying time.”

    Workers will be affected at Fujitsu’s major sites which include Belfast Bracknell, Crewe, Londonderry/Derry, Manchester, Stevenage, Wakefield and Warrington.

    Today’s announcement comes as Fujitsu staff in Manchester are voting in an industrial action ballot over pay, pensions and job security. Unite claims that the company has been cutting pay rates for years, despite healthy profits and it is failing to tackle a significant gender pay gap. The strike ballot result is expected on Wednesday 19 October.

    The company has also given notice to terminate its UK works council, Fujitsu Voice, from January 2017, which, the union says, will reduce workers’ redundancy and consultation rights. Unite is fighting this, with the aim of securing union recognition for Fujitsu’s 10,000 UK workers.

    Ian Tonks added: “Fujitsu claims to be a responsible business - it needs to start acting like one. Its UK staff make the company excellent profits.

    “They deserve to be treated better than ‘unit costs’ that need to be minimised. Fujitsu staff are saying they have had enough of job and income insecurity and of being denied a real voice in their working lives.

    “They can rely on the backing of Unite in challenging Fujitsu’s actions.”


    Notes to editors:

    Fujitsu employs about 10,000 people in the UK delivering IT services to government and major companies.

    For more information please contact Unite senior communications officer Shaun Noble on 020 3371 2060 or 07768 693940. Email: shaun.noble@unitetheunion.org

    Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with over 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.

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    October 06, 2016

    How to avoid being Fujitsu Voice-less

    The company plans to terminate Fujitsu Voice in January, cutting employees' rights in relation to redundancy, information and consultation.

    Click here to find out how you can take action to regain your rights.

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