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Joining Unite

Unite is Britain's biggest union with members in every type of workplace.

Join Unite online.

(If you work for Fujitsu Services and join online, please so you can start getting our newsletters and other information right away.)

NB: the Unite online form doesn't currently work with the Fujitsu Services build of Internet Explorer. Please use either Firefox or Chrome, or use IE on your home PC.

Alternatively, a membership form is available here

UNITE subs rates are here

Reasons why you should join Unite...

Unite offers representation and advice at work. Members may face work problems that need to be resolves, or have a grievance to bring against employers. UNITE workplace reps and/or full-time Regional Officers provide members with advice and support and have access to an array of resources. Reps are trained in workplace issues and have a great deal of individual expertise and experience.

Anyone in the IT industry can join Unite regardless of grade, job, contract type, employment status or length of service.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the membership form. If you do not already have it installed then you can get it from the intranet or the internet.

NB: If you have any problems viewing/printing the form, you will need to upgrade your Acrobat Reader (to version 4 or greater) - use the links above. If you use the intranet link and you do not have administration permissions for your PC, you will get a few error messages - ignore them. The upgrade should work despite them.

People working at Fujitsu generally pay monthly by Direct Debit.

Every member chooses whether to be "Contracted In" or "Contracted Out". "In" means you pay into the union's "political fund" (allowing Unite to use the money to lobby parliament, etc. when campaigning for peoples rights), and "Out" means you don't. Being contracted in only costs a few pence, and we encourage people to contribute - after all, employers use every means to lobby for their interests!

The subs rates referred to above are the Contracted In rate - members who opt out of paying into the political fund will be excused the small amount that is the contribution.

If you wish to opt-out of the political levy then the easiest way is to phone your regional office (contact details here). Alternatively, you can use the form available here (pdf format, note that the regional office link in the form is out of date, see earlier link).

The Political Fund is about 16p weekly and 69p monthly (full time adult rate).

Union subs represent extraordinarily good value - the free legal representation alone recovers tens of millions of pounds a year for members - almost as much as the union's entire subs income.

If you are leaving Fujitsu and want to know what you can do about your membership, see here for information.