March 29, 2007

Working with PCS

PCS, the “Public and Commercial Services” union, also has members in Fujitsu, thanks to the privatisation of large chunks of the civil service which have ended up in Fujitsu. PCS has been very supportive of our campaign – many Amicus members took part in the joint rally on 31st January, alongside striking PCS civil servants and UNISON NHS staff, for example.

While HR continue to try to “divide and rule” the workforce, the working relationship between our two unions continues to develop positively. We expect to be engaging in more joint campaign work with PCS in Fujitsu in the very near future.

PCS members employed by Capgemini on the HMRC account in Telford have voted for strike action in protest against a below-inflation pay offer. As you know, Fujitsu also has a lot of staff on this account, including many in Telford. Our Reps Committee has sent a message of support to the PCS members in Telford. If Capgemini doesn’t come up with a good enough improved offer to make a strike unnecessary, we will be doing what we can to offer practical support as well – returning some of the solidarity we’ve received.

The PCS campaign against job cuts, privatisation and low pay in the civil service continues. 20,000 members in the Ministry of Defence and Identity and Passport Service will be on strike over pay tomorrow (Friday 30th). In Manchester, there will be a rally where we can show our support:

12 noon, Friday 30th March
Manchester Peace Gardens, St Peter's Square (by the town hall)
Chair: Christine Chorlton, PCS
Speakers confirmed:
- Sue Bond, PCS Deputy President
- Karen Reissmann, Community nurse & UNISON branch chair
- Jimmy Thornton, Branch Secretary, TGWU
- David Swanson, Branch secretary, UCU
- Rob Bowers, PCS MOD, on strike

On Tuesday 1st May (International Workers Day), PCS intends to call a national strike throughout the civil service, like the one on 31st January. We expect there to be major events in Manchester, and hope all our members will show their support.

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Manchester Dispute & Pay Update

Our trip to parliament and the subsequent letter from MPs to David Courtley generated considerable media coverage, particularly in the trade press. You can see much of it:

- Via Google News

- Via LabourStart (newer and older articles)

David Courtley and Roger Leek replied to the MPs, declining their offer of help to resolve the dispute. You can read the letters for yourself on our external web site.

Fujitsu has declined their offer to help reach a deal, suggesting a "briefing" instead. They are also declining to involve senior management. As this notice goes out, we understand that the MPs are considering their response.

While it would seem less likely to bear fruit than the meeting the MPs suggested, Amicus continues to be willing to talk at ACAS at any time. Fujitsu, having refused talks at ACAS at various points during the dispute, as well as having rejected the ACAS suggestion of arbitration, is now insisting that ACAS is the only place to talk. Is this a coincidence when ACAS are currently unavailable?

Pay 2007 – Punctual Peanuts

All the employees who signed the petition can be proud that we’ve prevented the company dividing the workforce by delaying 2007 pay rises yet again. HR’s desperate efforts to find a reason to delay the rises tends to confirm the view that they would have used a delay to launch another “Bogus Ballot” or “Expression of Wish”. It seems likely that this was central to their union-busting plan – well done to everyone who helped knock it off the rails.

Of course the pay review on 1st April isn’t entirely good news. This is the “bog standard” pay review, so we can expect “punctual peanuts”. As elsewhere in Fujitsu, many people may get 0%, even though inflation is high (RPI was up 4.6% for the year to February). Few are likely to even get enough to keep up with inflation and avoid a pay cut in real terms. We need to keep up the pressure for fair pay.


Following the leafleting during our strike earlier this month, staff in Crewe held a well-attended meeting on Monday, electing two new reps and deciding to get organised.

Sarah Holden, the Amicus Senior Organiser working on Fujitsu, had a meeting with a group of staff elsewhere in the country last week, to discuss the issues they face and a potential claim for union recognition.

Amicus has now committed additional resources for a national organising campaign across Fujitsu.

Our strategy for the dispute has always relied on three elements:

1) Industrial action
2) External pressure (MPs, media, customers etc)
3) Helping staff on other Fujitsu sites get organised

That’s why we’ve always put such emphasis on members getting involved in the campaign, not just striking.

As we near the end of quarter four, Fujitsu’s most sensitive period is coming to a close. Conversely, our success in denying the company the ability to delay pay rises to step up its attack on Manchester staff takes some of the time pressure off us.

With this in mind, Amicus Reps (after discussion at the strike committee) have not asked Amicus to call the strike days originally planned, to maximise the current pressure on the company to respond positively to the intervention of MPs and come to meaningful talks.

The action short of strike has not been suspended, so this continues for the time being.

The threat to our Security of Employment Agreement (SEA) is being made very real at the moment. Amicus is assisting staff who are due to TUPE transfer out of Fujitsu, along with their jobs. As part of the process, Fujitsu gives information about Terms and Conditions to the new employer. In the case of the CSCI team, Fujitsu originally told the new employer that they were all on statutory minimum redundancy terms rather than the SEA. This is yet another example of how Fujitsu treats staff if not challenged. Amicus is working with the team to try to get this sorted out.

One Per Desk Leaflet

The latest “One Per Desk” leaflet is available on OurUnion and CafeVIK. This is important to keep everyone informed. If you can help distribute the latest in your area at Central Park, please contact your rep.

Financial Support for Strikers

The fundraising efforts of members mean that once again, Amicus will be able to provide a good level of financial support to striking members who asked for it. Reps anticipate that cheques will be available by the end of this week.

Strike Committee

We plan to hold a Strike Committee meeting to discuss the campaign:

12:15 – 1pm, Tuesday 3rd April

If you want to have your say in the campaign planning, please come along. As usual, the meeting is open to all members.

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Latest Fujitsu Manchester Leaflet

To see an electronic copy of our latest paper one-per-desk leaflet on Cafevik, click here (a local version is here).
This leaflet was produced for our Manchester Central Park and West Gorton sites.

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March 28, 2007

Correspondence between MPs and Fujitsu

Following our trips to Downing Street, parliament and the DTI, some of the MPs wrote to David Courtley, CEO of Fujitsu Services on 13th March.

David Courtley has now replied to the MPs and Roger Leek has written to Tony Lloyd MP.

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March 20, 2007

Meeting for Crewe staff

There will be a meeting for Crewe staff interested in having an effective voice at work:

12:30-1:30pm, Monday 26th March
Restaurant area, Duke of Gloucester pub, just near CRE02
The postcode is CW1 5NW - you’ll find a map here.

This will be an opportunity to meet up, discuss the issues affecting staff in Crewe, elect reps and make plans.

We’ll also be joined by Sarah Holden (Amicus Senior Organiser) and members from Manchester who can update us on their campaign.

Many Crewe staff will already be aware of the meeting thanks to our Manchester colleagues who leafleted for it during their recent strike. However, there’s no substitute for talking to your colleagues about the meeting and encouraging them to come along.

Of course, staff who aren’t officially based at Crewe but who are in the neighbourhood are very welcome to come along.

You’ll have seen from the recent notice that Amicus has approved a national organising campaign in Fujitsu – this is a great opportunity to make sure staff in Crewe have an effective voice.

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March 19, 2007

Pay Up Promptly!

HR’s attempts to delay pay rises by endless correspondence continue (see below). The key to pressuring the company isn’t the strength of the arguments in the emails from our Reps, but the argument of the strength of feeling we can mobilise from staff.

Please take the petition to the company demanding that all Manchester staff are paid on time around your area and make sure everyone has been asked to sign. There’s no time to lose, as presenting a petition in May asking for a pay rise by April wouldn’t make a lot of sense!

As well as doing your own area, you can help collect signatures from colleagues:

- 12:00 - 1:30pm, MAN33 restaurant, Tuesday 20th March
- 12:00 - 1:30pm, MAN34 restaurant, Thursday 22nd March
- 12:00 - 1:30pm, MAN35 restaurant, Friday 23rd March

Who else can you get to help? They don’t even have to be members.

For background information, here’s the latest correspondence with HR:

From: Allinson Ian
Sent: 16 March 2007 13:42
To: Upton Larry
Cc: Terry Thompson; Sarah Holden
Subject: RE: Amicus pay petition


It’s disappointing that Fujitsu still hasn’t given us the assurance that we will all get a pay rise punctually on 1st April 2007, even though our position is crystal clear. Many staff believe that the company is merely wasting time in order to delay our pay rises yet again, while desperately searching for a way to blame the union.

If you genuinely felt the need to seek further clarification, this should not have prevented you from releasing information to managers so that they could start doing the work for a pay review, to avoid setting them difficult timescales.

We did not submit a 2007 pay claim - members decided this precisely because they believed you hoped to delay agreement and our pay rises yet again. The status of the ideas floated at ACAS was clearly stated at the head of the documents. For the avoidance of doubt, the documents were not a 2008 pay claim either, nor indeed a “claim” on any of the other many issues covered. If you want to invent Amicus pay claims, perhaps you will permit our members to invent company pay offers?

Your need for permission from Amicus to breach our agreements only seems to arise where it stops you doing what employees ask. The current dispute was caused by Fujitsu breaking agreements on union recognition, redundancy, redeployment and pay. Last year Roger Leek even wrote to employees launching a “bogus ballot” which sought approval from the workforce to break our agreements. Fujitsu only seems to suffer this terror of legal action when it suits.

There have been many previous years when the union has not submitted a pay claim, but this never stopped the company implementing a pay review. In years when we submit pay claims, we naturally expect the company to negotiate with us through the agreed procedures – this is not affected by the company implementing pay reviews in years when we don’t.

The company imposed a pay review on many Manchester staff in April 2006 – this was a breach of our agreements. Long after the agreed negotiating procedures were finally exhausted, Fujitsu (as was its right) imposed a pay review on the rest of us in October 2006. Procedurally, the situation has not changed since. There remains no reason why Fujitsu cannot carry out a pay review for all of us punctually on 1st April 2007 – whether you do so is entirely a company decision.

Our emails to you, our leaflets, web sites and petition all state clearly that the procedure was exhausted last year, that we are not making a 2007 pay claim and that the company is therefore free to implement a 2007 pay review, while staff are free to campaign for more. We cannot give “written confirmation of Amicus acceptance of these breaches” of our agreements because these breaches are a figment of your imagination. We can, however, repeat our written confirmation that we don’t believe there would be any such breach. If your motivation really was the fear of legal action, this should have been equivalent. However, let us go further - we will not take or support legal action against Fujitsu over any “breaches of agreements” or “breaches of contracts” which we do not believe have taken place, over this or any other matter.

An unjustified delay to the pay review for one part of the Manchester workforce could be viewed as discrimination by the company. Legal action against the company as a result of not getting a pay rise on time is a far more plausible prospect than your notion of legal action against the company for giving us pay rises! We hope that it won’t be necessary for us to pursue this.

Please stop wasting time with this pointless correspondence, and allow managers to get on with a punctual pay review. We look forward to receiving your assurance that this is happening.

Ian Allinson
Amicus senior rep

From: Upton Larry
Sent: 14 March 2007 16:40
To: Allinson Ian
Cc: Terry Thompson; Morgan Howard; Bull Richard
Subject: RE: Amicus pay petition


Two points:

If you want to notify the Company that you are not submitting a pay claim, you should do it by formal notice to me, not by assuming that we may pick it up in an Amicus newsletter.

At our meeting at ACAS on 19th February you clearly submitted a pay claim (item 5 of the ‘ideas for a settlement’ document), albeit through the ACAS conciliator, to which we responded. This is rather confusing given your EGM decision on 2nd February and your newsletter of 27th February.

Your interpretation of the company’s current agreement with Amicus conflicts with ours. The agreement, and custom and practice, dictates that the pay of employees within the bargaining group is largely determined through negotiations with Amicus. This has therefore also become a personal contractual term. By moving to individual ‘pay planning’ for these employees this year, not only are we breaking the agreement with Amicus, but also we may be in breach of contract with these employees. This is why we require written confirmation of Amicus acceptance of these breaches before we decide on our response.


Larry Upton
Employee Relations Manager

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Meeting planned for Fujitsu Crewe

Amicus has organised a meeting for staff at Fujitsu Crewe:

12:30-1:30pm, Monday 26th March, in the restaurant, Duke of Gloucester Pub, CW1 5NW.

This is just round the corner from the Fujitsu site - map here.

The meeting can discuss issues affecting staff in Crewe, elect reps and make plans. Sarah Holden, Amicus Senior Organiser, will be coming along, as will someone from Manchester who can give an update on their dispute. Please come along (and bring a friend!).

During the recent strike at Manchester, members handed out a leaflet at Crewe which advertised the meeting.

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March 16, 2007

Pay Up Promptly!

Our petition to the company demanding that all Manchester staff are paid on time seems to have got the company rattled.

They’ve sent a notice round managers trying to claim they can’t give us a pay rise because that would breach our agreement (as if that’s ever a problem for Fujitsu). HR have tried to invent a pay claim that never existed (can Amicus members invent the company pay offer then?). They’re even pretending they’re too scared to give us a pay rise in case employees take them to court! One would have thought we’d be more likely to do this if they discriminate against some of us by not giving us a pay rise.

Please keep taking the petition round your colleagues – it is getting a good response from members and non-members alike. Let’s make it as hard as possible for the company to delay pay rises yet again! Completed petitions should be returned to Phil Tepper as soon as possible.

You can read the correspondence for yourself. Amicus wrote to Larry Upton (“Employee Relations Manager”) on 8th March as follows:

From: Allinson Ian
Sent: 08 March 2007 15:51
To: Upton Larry
Cc: Thompson, Terry
Subject: AMICUS: Pay review 2007, dispute talks
Importance: High

We received the email notice to Manchester staff from Richard Bull and Ella Bennett dated 2nd March. Ella hasn’t taken any part in the talks, while Richard has only recently joined the company negotiating team and clearly had other pressing demands on his time. Their email makes a number of incorrect and misleading statements about an Amicus newsletter, what happened in the talks etc. Neither Richard nor Ella work in Manchester, and it is possible they are misinformed about the situation. We thought it might be helpful to contact you directly.

Amicus remains willing to talk at any time in an effort to resolve the dispute – a position endorsed by members on several occasions. Late last year we suspended action to allow talks, which the company decided to walk away from. This year we refrained from calling a planned strike to accommodate your concerns and provide a positive context for talks. Sadly, this opportunity was wasted again. At some stage we all need to bring the dispute to a conclusion, and that can only be achieved through constructive dialogue. Members might feel more inclined to alleviate the pressure the company complains of, if Fujitsu would alleviate the pressure it is putting on staff over a wide range of real issues affecting the business and its employees. If you can suggest a way the company can get back to the table with the aim of reaching a settlement, we would naturally welcome this.

We are extremely concerned by the statement “Our intention in the latest ACAS talks was to get swift agreement on the key issues of continued union recognition and redundancy terms, and also to use the opportunity to get an agreement on pay for 2007 in time for payment to employees in the collective bargaining unit from 1st April” contained in the notice.

As you are aware, Amicus registered a “Failure To Agree” on pay on 21st August 2006, leaving the company free to impose a pay deal and staff free to campaign for more. Indeed, the company did impose a deal on the remaining Manchester staff in October 2006, and Amicus has indeed campaigned for more.

Amicus has not submitted a new pay claim for 2007, as we anticipated that the company might once again prevent a timely deal in order to delay pay rises for some Manchester staff based on a dividing line unilaterally imposed by HR. Had the recent dispute talks resulted in agreement on outstanding issues, both parties agreed it would have been sensible to agree a 2007 pay deal as part of a settlement, giving a fresh start to the relationship between Fujitsu and its Manchester staff. The dispute talks didn’t make progress, so this approach was clearly not viable.

In the absence of either an agreement or a 2007 Manchester pay claim, the Failure To Agree stands. The company remains free to impose a pay review, and staff remain free to campaign for fair pay and benefits.

We are therefore seeking your assurance that the company will give pay rises to all Manchester staff punctually on 1st April. The responsibility for any failure to do so would lie squarely with the company.

Ian Allinson
Amicus senior rep, Fujitsu Manchester

Rather than getting on with pay planning, HR are keeping the correspondence flying, presumably in the hope they can leave it too late for managers to implement pay reviews for the April pay review.

From: Allinson Ian
Sent: 09 March 2007 17:15
To: Upton Larry
Cc: Thompson, Terry
Subject: RE: Amicus pay petition


Your surprising email (below) has been drawn to our attention.

Our members, who are “Amicus The Union”, decided at our EGM on 2nd February not to submit a pay claim. This was spelt out in our newsletter on 27th February. The company can hardly claim to have been unaware of this newsletter, having passed inaccurate and misleading comments on it in the Company Announcement to Manchester staff on 2nd March. You will find a copy of the newsletter here on CafeVIK ( if you have mislaid yours. Our Regional Officers were present at the EGM and have been fully aware of the position throughout.

If you were in any doubt about the situation, we would have thought my email to you yesterday (attached) would have resolved it. The email was copied to Terry Thompson, our Regional Officer. You could have responded to that email if you were still unclear. Instead you have chosen to send more misinformation around the management team.

In response to the specific question your email raises, our members have not asked for the “standard” pay review to be applied to them. They have recognised the fact that you have the right to do so (it would not break any agreement you have reached), and they have determined to continue campaigning for fair pay and benefits.

Some might find the company’s concern not to “breaching our agreement” by giving us a pay rise a little surprising, given the company’s lack of hesitation in breaking our agreements on almost every other question.

I have copied this email to Terry Thompson, so we hope this will be sufficient for you to provide the assurance we sought – that the company will give pay rises to all Manchester staff punctually on 1st April.


Ian Allinson
Amicus senior rep, Fujitsu Manchester

To: All Manchester Managers
Cc HR Managers, HR Advisers, HRLT


Amicus pay petition

You may have seen that Amicus is circulating a petition within the Campus which calls on the Company ‘to ensure all Manchester staff receive a pay rise on 1st April 2007’.

Our current agreement with Amicus requires us to negotiate with them in relation to pay for those employees within the ‘bargaining group’. This group consists of those employees previously covered by the recognition agreement at West Gorton with a salary below £38,018 per annum.

The vast majority of other employees on the Campus are covered by ‘standard pay planning’, a process which is currently underway across Fujitsu Services. These employees will receive notification of their pay review prior to 23rd April 2007

At Amicus request, we included negotiations with them on the 2007 pay settlement for the bargaining group on the agenda for the ACAS talks last month. Contrary to Amicus latest statement, and to previous communications from them, Amicus informed us at these talks of their pay expectations for 2007 and we made an initial response. As we have already said, however, we were not prepared to continue these talks once Amicus decided to recommence their strike action. The Amicus decision to recommence strike action clearly puts in jeopardy the likelihood of pay planning being completed in time for April for those in the bargaining group.

Fujitsu Services started negotiations for a 2007 settlement with unions (including Amicus) in other parts of the country some time ago; these have already been successfully concluded.

While we are keen to ensure that the pay review for all employees in Manchester is also completed in time for implementation in April salaries, we are not prepared to risk being accused by Amicus of breaking an agreement with them.

We are therefore currently seeking clarification from Amicus the union, as opposed to the local representatives, as to whether they are asking that all members of the Manchester bargaining group should be included in standard pay planning for 2007, rather than be subject to a negotiated settlement in line with our current agreement. We are only prepared to consider a request to move employees from pay bargaining into standard pay planning if we have a written assurance from Amicus that they will not regard this as breaching our agreement with the union.

When we have received that clarification we will decide on our response and let you know what actions we intend to take.

Larry Upton
Employee Relations Manager
9th March 2007

With the latest inflation figure (Jan) at 4.2%, down from 4.4% in December, and IDS forecasting it rising to 4.4% for February and March, pay is a real issue for staff right across Fujitsu.

Are Fujitsu’s management really foolish enough to have a pay “pot” of just 2.5% in this situation? With profits on the rise? And let’s not forget that the “pot” figure exaggerates the real value by including promotions, progress etc.

Cutting staff pay in real terms yet again would do long-term damage to the company, especially when we’re already paid below market rates.

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Manchester Dispute Update

Monday’s EGM agreed the following motion:

We note that following our discussions with various MPs and ministers, Tony Lloyd (MP for Manchester Central) has offered to contact the company to seek a meeting with senior management and appropriate Amicus representatives, in an effort to resolve the dispute.

Should Fujitsu refuse such a meeting, or indulge in further time-wasting, we believe this would reflect badly on the company if the dispute is debated in parliament.

We note that Tony has asked us not to issue the notice of further strike action (due on Tuesday 13th March), to allow the most positive atmosphere possible for the meeting.

We note with satisfaction that we have now received the financial contribution from the NEC, and that our National Officer has approved a national recruitment campaign in Fujitsu.

We resolve to allow our reps to suspend such parts of the planned campaign as they deem appropriate, dependent on further responses from the company, MPs and the General Secretary.

We resolve to redouble our efforts to recruit and organise Fujitsu staff at Central Park and elsewhere.

Following this decision, not only did Tony Lloyd MP write to David Courtley, but several other MPs (including a minister in the Department of Health) added their names to the letter, which reads:

Tony Lloyd MP
Graham Stringer MP
Ivan Lewis MP
David Crausby MP
Helen Southworth MP

House of Commons London SW1A OAA

March 13th 2007

Mr David Courtly
Chief Executive Officer
Fujitsu Services
22 Baker Street

Dear Mr Courtley,

We have been contacted by constituents who are concerned about the ongoing dispute between Fujitsu Services and Amicus, which has led to industrial action at your Manchester offices. When we have written to you previously, you have passed our letters to Roger Leek, your Group Human Resources Director, who has sent us a standard reply. This response has not allayed the concerns of our constituents, and we note that the dispute continues to be unresolved. A delegation of strikers recently visited Downing Street, Parliament and the DTI. Given the concerns of our constituents and the fact that Fujitsu is a major supplier of IT services to the government, we are keen to see a swift resolution to the dispute.

We are therefore seeking an urgent meeting between you, a senior officer from Amicus, and members of both negotiating teams, to see if we can broker proper dialogue and help to resolve this situation. Tony Lloyd has asked Amicus to refrain from issuing the planned notice of further strike action so that the meeting can take place in favourable conditions. Amicus has indicated it intends to do this, so I hope that you will respond by arranging the meeting very quickly.

A number of us had been seeking a debate in parliament about the dispute. We now intend to refrain from doing so for the time being to allow a window of opportunity for the meeting to find a mutually acceptable resolution to the dispute.

We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Yours sincerely

Tony Lloyd MP, Graham Stringer MP, David Crausby MP,
Ivan Lewis MP, Helen Southworth MP

The increase in support from MPs and from the approval of a national Amicus organising campaign in Fujitsu both mark significant boosts to our campaign. This progress would not have happened without the persistence and activity of members over the last couple of weeks – well done!

During the strike, as well as picketing, members leafleted Fujitsu sites in Scotland, the Thames Valley and the West Midlands. We booked and leafleted for an Amicus meeting for staff at Crewe, which will take place on the lunchtime of Monday 26th March. We toured workplaces, meetings and events around the country, raising support. We even put together a mailing to Amicus members across Fujitsu nationally, including information about pay scales, the dispute, and organising. More strike reports on this web site.

All members who took part in the strikes this month should ensure they have responded to the email notice of 2nd March 2007, entitled “AMICUS: How YOU can help Fujitsu Manchester”, to ensure they receive Dispute Benefit promptly.

As a result of the new initiatives, we are pleased to confirm that:

- The national protest day planned for Saturday 17th March is OFF
- The strike planned for Tuesday 20th March is OFF

The pressure is now on Fujitsu’s senior management to respond positively.

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March 14, 2007

Thames Valley Delegation Report

• STN02 & BSN02 leafleted
• Stickers given out
• Leaflet given to a member of the company "negotatiating" team (he wouldn’t take a sticker)
• Money collected and more promised
We left just after the strike committee on Monday arriving in London around 8:30, after a good meal and chat down the local we turned in quite late.

On Tuesday Morning we left early and leafleted STN02. The site is on a private estate with communal road and an ideal place to leaflet. Interestingly the security Wallahs only poked their head out of the door to see what was going but we weren’t challenged. We gave out lots of stickers and even more leaflets. We were joined on the leaflet for an hour by a local Amicus senior rep, despite the fact that HR have tried to ban him personally from leafleting inside unless they've approved the leaflet (they never have).

In general we had support from STN02, one lad even offered to fetch some teas. We got the odd drive by with the nose stuck to the car roof but we stopped many people, probably even the majority. Even now many of those didn’t know of the dispute, but they do now!

We had a trip to Cable St. (those scratching their heads should look at their school history books under Mosley). Then after as fast walk along the Wharfs of Wapping we returned to The Quaker’s meeting house at Euston for the meeting of the Amicus London Gazette. There were some 20 – 30 people there, the meeting being rearranged at short notice. They raised a good collection and we had a promise of more. Then back home for a fish and chip supper and another late night.

Wednesday morning we went to Basingstoke - it was good to see the old place again. On arrival we handed out some leaflets and stickers before a tin-pot ... arrived. He ordered us to get off of company property (that is remove the placards from the bush!) and informed us he’d called the police. Now, I’m not one to be intimidated by an ... who barely reached my armpits. We pointed out the legalities, told him of the compliant Amicus made at Stevenage, put the placards in the soft grass verge so every one could see them, not just those entering... and continued leafleting. He then declared that we could carry on leafleting but he wasn’t going to let anyone stop! Then began a bizarre spectacle of us on the pavement waving leaflets and the ... in the middle of the drive waving his arms about. He was relieved after 10 of 15 minutes by one of his staff in a yellow coat (he was in his short sleeved white shirt and had rather fetching blue lips by this time). After another 30 minutes of this he stormed out and said we were standing on the road and it was a health and safety issue, again he said he would call the police. I offered to do this if he didn't. He retreated in but not before turning and saying “sorry this is not personal but I have my PERSONAL orders”. We stayed there until 10:00, they changed their guard every 30mins.

People on the passing road slowed to see what was going on. Those that did come in were confronted by an arm waiving yellow coated guard, as well as us waving leaflets and stickers at them. Quite a few stopped but mainly to find out what was happening. As soon as they open the window they were presented with a leaflet and offered a sticker - many accepted. When the traffic got bad then the security guard wheeze really fell down. They frantically waiving to keep people moving but each car stopping to ask what was happening. A number of people came back out just to talk to us and we handed out many leaflets.

We even had one woman who stopped and wound down her window and refused to go in until she’d spoken to us. She refused to “cross a picket line” - we explained we weren’t a picket, she should go in and that the best thing she could do is wear a sticker and leave her leaflet about.

At 10:00 we told the on duty guard we were leaving and we left on good terms.

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Crewe delegation report

Building on the favourable reception from the majority of the Crewe workforce at previous leaflet campaigns, the latest focus at Crewe was for the 6 of us (gathered at very short notice) to remind them of what they already knew. Particularly that our concerns were their concerns, and perhaps what they didn't know - that they were not alone. A venue was previously arranged for Monday lunchtime, the 26th March, at which members & non-members alike could discuss any issues, concerns and ways forward, with Sarah Holden (Amicus organiser) and members from Fujitsu Manchester.

Thus the latest leafleting campaign was carried out - which generated a fair bit of thoughtfulness as the purpose was highlighted to them. Encouragingly, this resulted in one new Amicus member and indications that some would definitely be attending the meeting.

If we build up again on the interest generated, I guess it could be quite a lively meeting on the 26th!

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Scotland Delegation Report

Monday 12/03/07
After picketing outside the Manchester Campus in the morning and leaving the Amicus office shortly before the EGM, Amicus members set off for Edinburgh.

We met our host who took us to the Amicus No 1 Branch meeting. We give up to date details on the dispute and answered questions. Members decided they would write to all members of the Scottish Parliament and hoped if possible they would liaise with Mr Tony Lloyd MP with regard to the dispute. They also agreed that they would donate £100 to our campaign fund, offered their full support and took collection sheets to pass on to other members.

Tuesday 13/03/07
We moved onto the Edinburgh Fujitsu office (EDI06) to leaflet staff. This proved very difficult as only a few cars stopped at the entrance and most people did not work for Fujitsu Services. Most Fujitsu engineers were not working from this office. However, we were able to leave leaflets to pass on to engineers as they came in.

Tuesday 13/03/07
After some breakfast we proceeded to the Glasgow office (GLA15), where we met the local rep and updated him on the present position on the dispute. We also had a good discussion with one of the mobile engineers. Their concern was two fold a) A lack of projects and contracts in Scotland and b) Outsourcing of work that may be taken away to South Africa. Again, we left leaflets to pass on.

After driving back from Glasgow to Edinburgh we attended the Trade Union Council in the evening, where we presented our dispute to them. They said they would liaise with the Edinburgh Amicus No 1 Branch Office with regard to contacting and writing to all members of the Scottish Parliament over the dispute.

Additionally, they took collection sheets which they would copy and distribute to all their affiliated branches across Scotland to donate monies to our campaign fund and they offered their full support.

Wednesday 14/03/07
After a few hours in Edinburgh city centre we returned back to Manchester.

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March 09, 2007

Fujitsu Manchester EGM: 12th March 2007

Today’s strike committee decided to turn Monday’s strike committee meeting into a full EGM, to take decisions in the light of new developments since the AGM.

All Amicus members employed by Fujitsu Services and contractually based at MAN05/33/34/35 (including those based at HOM99 with an admin base of one of those sites) are encouraged to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting:

2pm-3pm, Monday 12th March
Amicus office, Parkgates, Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0JW.

You can find a map here, but please note that the arrow is on the wrong side of Bury New Road. The entrance to the office is on Sedgley Park Rd. Press the buzzer marked “AEEU” for access to the car park, where double-parking is allowed as long as you sign in.

Come along and have your say!

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Consultative Forums

Fujitsu runs an international “Fujitsu Services Consultative Forum” (FSCF) and a “UK Consultative Forum” (UKCF), where employee representatives meet with HR and occasionally senior management. These bodies have legal standing under legislation for European Works Councils and national Information & Consultation.

The latest minutes are available on the FSCF and UKCF CafeVIK communities.

The whole UKCF is up for election this autumn. As in previous elections, Amicus intends to work with other trade unions in Fujitsu to ensure we have an agreed set of candidates that every trade unionist can support.

Though these forums are no substitute for effective union organisation, Amicus works to make them as effective as possible.

We must avoid a situation where HR can play off the various employee representative structures against each other. For example, the company announcement about the Manchester strikes said that there was no need for union recognition outside Manchester because employees had the UKCF. This was one of the reasons the overwhelming majority of UKCF reps agreed a letter to HR about the dispute.

If you are interested in standing for election to the UKCF, please get in touch as soon as possible.

You can see the briefing Amicus put together for the last major elections on our web site. In these elections, the majority of voters across the UK put an openly trade union candidate first. More of the successful candidates have joined the union since their election.

If you’re considering standing, you may be interested in a training course that Amicus is running for our industrial sector on Tuesday 27th March, which focuses on “Information and Consultation”. This will provide an opportunity to learn about how bodies like the UKCF operate and how to get the best out of them. Please get in touch if you want more information about the course.

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Manchester Dispute

After being dragged back to negotiations by the five-day strike earlier in the year, Fujitsu wasted time when they got there. The company has since walked away from talks yet again.

Manchester members decided to put further pressure on the company and have chosen nine more strike days up to Easter in an attempt to reach a reasonable settlement.

They’ve kicked this off with a one-day strike which took place on Wednesday of this week, when a delegation travelled down to London to visit Downing Street, meet local MPs and present the petition to the House of Commons.

Yesterday’s Manchester email notice included a report on this, the first of the photos are already on the web site.

During three-day strikes planned for 12th-14th March and 28th-30th March, strikers will again be travelling the country to help us organise and build up the union on other sites.

As well as the strike action itself and the efforts to organise nationally, members in Manchester are seeking to put pressure on management for a settlement using external pressure (e.g. media, MPs, customers).

Amicus has named Saturday 17th March as a national protest day at one Fujitsu customer.

Fujitsu is in the outsourcing business, and many of our customers and potential customers are unionised. HR’s anti-union stance is damaging the company’s reputation and putting the business at risk. We need to force them to resolve the dispute before they do any more damage. Amicus isn’t calling for a boycott or anything like that, but we do want our customers to put pressure on Fujitsu.

If you can attend a protest near you on the 17th, please let your reps know.

Our members in Manchester are taking courageous steps to defend their rights and the outcome will affect us all. We need to play our part too.

A leaflet summarising the dispute and suggesting other ways you can help is available on the web site.

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Stop Press: Merger Vote

Amicus and TGWU members vote for a merger to form a new union with around 2 million members.

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Pay 2007

Speculation is rife about the size of Fujitsu’s 2007 pay “pot”. The company is currently refusing even to reveal it to their UK Consultative Forum (UKCF) unless the employee reps agree to keep it secret from the staff they represent.

The only “fact” available is that Fujitsu suggested to Amicus in Manchester a pot of 2% cost of living + 0.5% performance related, with nothing at all for promotions. At a time when profits are high and rising, and inflation is over 4%, this would be the lowest pay pot since 2003. If true, this would be more accurately described as a “crock” than a “pot”. No wonder HR would want to keep it secret!

The quoted “pot” figure is worth far less than it appears. The company expects more of us each year to avoid a poor appraisal and paltry pay rise. When we take on more work or improve our skills, the money still comes out of the same pot. To put it another way, the more work we take on, the less is left for genuine pay rises.

This principle was recently illustrated by the news coverage of government’s pay offer to nurses. The offer was an increase of just 1.9%, but ministers claimed it was worth 4.4% once annual “progression” rises were included. In other words, the real figure was 2.5% less than the figure including “progression”.

Amicus published a story about Bodgit & Scarper PLC that explained how this scam works.

So what would a Fujitsu “pay crock” of 2.5% really be worth?

Between the 2005 and 2006 company accounts, Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC reported the average employee salary (globally) rose by 2.1%. The employees of this company correspond very closely with what most of us know as “Fujitsu Services”. This was in a period when the official pay pot was claimed as 3%.

But there’s a big variation from role to role:

- The package for the highest paid director went up 29% between 2005 and 2006 (the last figures available).

- The D1-4 scales for Fujitsu helpdesk staff have only risen £250 a year since the last millennium – less than one pound a day.

- Median Fujitsu pay actually went down between 2006 and 2007 for some roles, including TSM/1, TSM/3 and SDM/1.

- Median Fujitsu pay rose by less than 2% between 2006 and 2007 for some roles, including PRO/SPM, TSM/2, TSS/4, MAN/1, DEV/3, SDM/2 and CSA/3.

The Amicus Manchester group intends to do a paper mailing to members nationally in the near future including detailed pay data they have obtained using rights arising from union recognition.

Don’t forget that the HR guidelines for managers carrying out the April 2007 pay review (affecting most UK employees) now say:

Individuals may request details of this internal comparator information relating to their own role from their Manager. Managers should provide the information requested with an explanation of how the comparators are constructed and used.

This is an important victory, which has only come about because of tenacious campaigning by Amicus members over several years.

If you have any pay or benefit comparator data, please feed the results back to your reps so that Amicus can build up a general picture of Fujitsu pay and benefits. This in turn will help Amicus provide you with better information, advice and support.

It’s worth comparing the general sorry picture on Fujitsu pay with what’s happening on Fujitsu’s Reuters account, where Amicus is recognised and has overwhelming membership. Negotiations lasted about ten minutes and resulted in an offer of 3% cost of living plus 0.5% performance related. This offer is now being considered by Amicus members on the account.

Fujitsu will continue to get away with annual real-terms-pay-cuts until staff get better organised.

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March 08, 2007

Plans for Next Week

We plan to be striking again Monday to Wednesday.

As always, the effectiveness of the action depends as much on the activity of members as on the numbers refusing to work.

To make the necessary arrangements, your reps need to identify:

- Volunteers to picket at Central Park between 6:30am-10am (please commit to particular days and times)
- Volunteers to go on delegations involving overnight stays, helping unionise other Fujitsu sites, raise support etc

There will also be delegations within range to travel on the day and activity in the Amicus Prestwich office.

Please let rep Nikki Aldridge know what you can do.

On Wednesday evening we have the big “Organising for Fighting Union” rally in Manchester, which we want everyone to come to if they possibly can. Though the rally itself starts at 7:30pm, the building will be open from 6pm and a buffet is being laid on for strikers. The time before the rally is our opportunity to chat to other trade unionists and really build support for our dispute. Friends and family are welcome too.

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SEA Under Attack

The company is fond of putting out notices to staff implying that the SEA is protected for staff who joined before some date in 1999 or 2000. Of course, we haven’t even had an offer from the company for a long time, so this is mainly rhetoric. In fact, the choice of date in draft agreements has not been a contentious issue in the dispute since early 2004 – HR’s focus on the date is merely an attempt to confuse us.

In real life, the threat to the redundancy rights of staff across the UK continues to grow, as the company seeks to implement its absurd position that the SEA applies only to the tiny minority who have this written into their “contract” (as if your contract was just one old piece of paper!).

One of our members who has worked for the company since the 1960s asked HR to confirm that he was covered by the SEA, which was agreed long after he joined the company, has been applied to all of us many times over the years, and which the company has never given notice to terminate.

Their response said that “According to the records we hold, your terms of employment have no explicit reference to this arrangement. This means that, at present, we cannot confirm your entitlement to SEA arrangements”. It went on to explain that unless he could provide proof that his contract document referred to an agreement which didn’t exist at the time, “you will be entitled to receive a minimum of statutory terms which may be enhanced according to company policy in effect at that time”.

The breaches of the SEA affect every employee, whenever you joined the company. It’s useful to have a reminder of the stakes we’re fighting for!

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Pay Up Promptly!

As Amicus warned, Fujitsu doesn’t appear to be implementing a pay review for all Manchester staff. Presumably they hope to blame the union for this and launch another “Bogus Ballot” or “Expression of Wish”, as last year.

As our recent newsletter made clear, there would be absolutely no justification for this whatsoever. Amicus members decided not to submit a Manchester pay claim for 2007, as we had already failed to agree on pay last year. We saw no point in getting bogged down and giving the company any excuse to delay pay rises.

Amicus has launched a petition to the company demanding that all Manchester staff are paid on time.

Please sign the petition and take it round your workmates. This should be an issue which unites all staff, whether or not they are already members, whether or not they have been striking.

It would be particularly useful if you could take it round before Friday lunchtime’s strike committee meeting, so that the meeting can discuss how people are feeling about the overall situation.

Please return any completed petitions to Phil Tepper (MAN34) promptly.

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Yesterday’s strike

While a smaller group of members picketed at Central Park, Amicus took a coach down to London yesterday to present our petition and put our case to MPs.

Strikers visited Downing Street, met a number of north-west MPs and two ministers, highlighting the fact that Fujitsu is a major supplier of IT services to central government, and discussing how MPs can help ensure we are treated fairly.

The first photos from the day are already available on our web site, giving a flavour of the day’s activities. These are high resolution images (aimed at the press) which you may be unable to view well in some browsers. You can either download them to view them, or await more pictures with thumbnails in the next day or so. They will also be displayed on union noticeboards (by the turnstiles in Man33/34/35).

After a month without strikes when the profile of our dispute has been lower, the activities during the one-day strike will have increased the pressure on Fujitsu significantly.

As well as MPs offering to take up our case further with Fujitsu and plans for a debate in parliament, the day increased media interest in the campaign. Some reports (mainly trade press) are available online (see LabourStart or Google) and we were also contacted by the BBC TV and Radio, the Manchester Evening News as well as various labour movement publications. It will be interesting to see how this grows over the next couple of weeks.

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March 07, 2007

Fujitsu strikers go to Downing Street, Parliament and the DTI

Today's strike saw Amicus step up the pressure on Fujitsu with a successful visit to London by a delegation of strikers.

The petition presented highlighted the fact that Fujitsu Services is a major supplier of IT services to central government, receiving billions of pounds of public money, and should be treating its workforce fairly.

An album of the photos is available here.
(you can download the full image by clicking on the icon on each of the individual image pages)

Quick preview:

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Petition against delayed pay rises

Amicus has launched a petition calling on Fujitsu to implement pay rises on time for all employees.

You can download a copy to sign and circulate here.

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March 05, 2007

Arrangements for Manchester strike on Wednesday 7th March

In line with members’ decisions, Amicus has called on Fujitsu Services employees who are based at MAN05/33/34/35, or who are based at HOM99 and are more closely associated with those sites than any other, to strike on Wednesday 7th March.

Members who aren’t going to London are encouraged to help picket between 6:30am and 10am at Central Park. If you can commit to picketing, please let your reps know. If you’ve got any of the picketing equipment, please remember to bring it along. Later in the day, we’ll be able to go to the Amicus Prestwich office and help ring members elsewhere in Fujitsu to update them on future activities.

If you haven’t yet replied to Friday’s email notice entitled “AMICUS: How YOU can help Fujitsu Manchester”, indicating what you require in terms of Dispute Benefit from Amicus and/or financial support from our strike fund, please do so. Late replies lead to late payments.

London trip

We have a very flash 35-seater coach, complete with tables, toilet, coffee and tea, DVD player, microwave and power points. There are still a few seats left

We suggest you dress smart/casual – we shouldn’t be outside for long periods, and there will be photographers.

The coach will leave at 7am from Chorlton Street (which runs next to Chorlton Street coach station, off Portland Street) in Manchester city centre. [Map here]. Please be punctual, as we can’t afford to arrive late in London and we’d prefer not to leave you behind.

We will then make a pick-up along the M6 in Cheshire. The pick-up point will be confirmed separately to those who’ve asked for this.

Our coach contact for the day will be Jackie Cook. If you have a mobile phone, we suggest you bring it with you for the day.

If you have any fully or partially completed petitions, don’t forget to bring them along.

Once we get to London, the itinerary is:

- 1:30pm: A small group will be allowed into Downing Street for a photo opportunity
- 2pm: We will meet some of the local MPs in the Palace of Westminster
- 3pm: We will go to the DTI where we will present our petition to Jim Fitzpatrick, the minister responsible for employment relations

We’d advise against taking too much with you that you wouldn’t want to leave on the coach, as security at the Houses of Parliament is fairly tight and we don’t want to waste too long getting through security checks.

The coach will leave London between 4pm and 4:30pm.

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March 02, 2007

How YOU can help Fujitsu Manchester

The outcome of the current dispute in Manchester will affect every Fujitsu employee, wherever they work, and send ripples across the IT industry as a whole. This is why we are receiving such impressive support.

Following the decisions of yesterday’s members’ meeting, the original email set out the campaign plans in more detail, and what you can do to make a difference, wherever you work. It covers:

- Campaign timetable and events
- How you can help
- Action short of strike
- Exemptions
- Financial Support for strikers

Here’s the timetable for the main campaign activities for the next few weeks, building on what we’ve already done:













3rd March

Defend the NHS demo, Manchester.

4th March

5th March

Strike committee, 6pm, Amicus Prestwich office.

6th March

7th March


Present petition to parliament and Downing Street.

8th March

9th March

10th March

11th March

12th March



13th March



14th March



Manchester Rally.

15th March

16th March

17th March

National protest day targeting one customer.

18th March

19th March

20th March


Protest at customer sites.

21st March

22nd March

23rd March

24th March

25th March

26th March

27th March

28th March



29th March



30th March



31st March

1st April

2nd April

3rd April

4th April


Protest at customer sites.

5th April

6th April

Bank Holiday

7th April

8th April

We don’t yet have a firm date for it, but we understand that MPs are likely to debate our dispute in parliament during the strike planned for 12th-14th March.

More plans will be made at Monday evening’s strike committee, which is open to all members involved in the dispute. This will be at 6pm in the Amicus Prestwich office.

Our leaflet summarising the dispute and appealing for support is updated from time to time, and includes many ideas for how anyone can help. These include:

  1. If you’re near Manchester, come on tomorrow’s Defend the NHS demo, where we will show our support, take our banner, have a speaker about our dispute, and collect signatures on our petition.
  2. Contacting your MP to ask them to support us (speaking to them is best, writing next, email least effective).
  3. Collecting signatures on our petition (we need them back in time to take them to London on Wednesday 7th March – so please be quick)
  4. Come down to London on Wednesday 7th March to deliver our petition – please book places ASAP. Strikers, friends, family and supporters are all welcome. We don’t yet know timings, but plan to pick people up in central Manchester and somewhere in Cheshire. As well as the petition being presented, a small delegation will be allowed into Downing Street.
  5. Making a donation or taking a collection. Cheques payable to “Manchester IT Workers Group” can be sent to John Wood, 301 Bolton Road, Bury, BL8 2NZ.

If you work on another Fujitsu site, as well as doing the things above, why not ask a colleague to join the union? Why not ask Amicus to help you get together with colleagues to campaign on the issues affecting you? Not only will this benefit you directly, it will also make it harder for HR to isolate Manchester and break the union.

The “Organising For Fighting Unions” rally in Manchester on 14th March is really shaping up to be a fantastic event for our campaign. The main speakers will include Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary), Billy Hayes (CWU General Secretary), George Galloway MP and Jenny Lennox (NUJ). We will be able to have a stall and speak about our dispute. The Mechanics Institute will be open from 6pm and a “solidarity buffet” is being laid on for us as we are on strike that day. PCS and UNISON strikers we rallied with on 31st January will also be involved.

For those directly involved in Manchester, don’t forget the action short of strike that is ongoing. Now that the company has withdrawn its threat of sanctions against those taking part, we should redouble our efforts to make this effective. It would be perverse if we struck one day, then worked extra hard the next to minimise the impact of our strike!

Remember, the action short of strike is:

The action will be continuous and consist of withdrawal of goodwill. This will include (not exhaustive):-

- Stopping doing unpaid work (including travel) outside of contracted hours, including responding when not being paid for standby and overtime;

- Stopping doing work prior to being given a charge code or call number;

- Members not making themselves easily contactable by mobile phone or pager;

- Members not using their own cars for Company business except if they are in receipt of an allowance in lieu of a company car;

- Stopping overnight stays away from home;

- Submitting separate expense claims rather than batching them up;

- Taking full breaks;

- Taking appropriate breaks away from work, stopping work for lunch and VDU users ensuring that they have at least 10 minutes every hour not using their VDUs;

- Helpdesk staff ensuring that all calls are logged carefully and thoroughly, making appropriate use of “make busy” and “do not disturb”.

The delegations round the country during the three-day strikes will visit other Fujitsu sites to help staff there get organised, as well as touring other workplaces to raise support. The further ahead the delegations can be organised, the more effective they are, particularly for the ones which are far enough away to require overnight stays. If you haven’t already signed up, please volunteer for the days you can:

- Stay overnight on Sunday 11th March
- Stay overnight on Monday 12th March
- Stay overnight on Tuesday 13th March
- Stay overnight on Tuesday 27th March
- Stay overnight on Wednesday 28th March
- Stay overnight on Thursday 29th March

As for previous industrial action, members (or their managers) can request exemptions where it would be inappropriate for an individual to take part in some or all of the action for specific reasons. Any exemption applications must be received in good time before the action to be considered.

Members were asked to respond to confirm financial support requirements.

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March 01, 2007

Fujitsu Manchester AGM report

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s Annual General Meeting.

Members discussed the output of last week’s talks, which Amicus had made available in advance.

The following motion was agreed:

In pursuit of a fair settlement to our dispute, we will continue to develop the three forms of pressure our campaign relies on:

1. The industrial action itself
2. External pressure (customers, MPs, media etc)
3. Helping staff on other Fujitsu sites get organised

Throughout our campaign, the active participation of members has been vital to putting pressure on Fujitsu.

We will seek to balance activities which put pressure on the company with those that increase the moral, financial and practical support we are receiving.

Specifically, our plans include:

  1. We will continue our action short of strike.
  2. We plan to strike on Wednesday 7th March, and call on Amicus to organise transport to take us, our families, friends and supporters to London where we will present our parliamentary petition and put pressure on Fujitsu via MPs.
  3. We plan to strike from Monday 12th March to Wednesday 14th March, when we will focus on visiting other Fujitsu sites and touring workplaces to raise support.
  4. On Saturday 17th March we will organise protests focussing on one Fujitsu customer, in Manchester and elsewhere.
  5. We plan to strike on Tuesday 20th March, when we will focus our campaign on Fujitsu customers.
  6. We plan to strike on Wednesday 28th March to Friday 30th March, when we will focus on visiting other Fujitsu sites and touring workplaces to raise support.
  7. We plan to strike on Wednesday 4th April, when we will focus our campaign on Fujitsu customers.

We stand by our earlier decision that we should continue to be available for dispute talks at any time, but that reps should not suspend the action unless there is tangible evidence of good prospects of success, to avoid further time-wasting.

We call on Amicus to:

  1. Provide further contributions to our strike fund
  2. Confirm Dispute Benefit for all strike days during this dispute
  3. Step up assistance for our efforts to organise across Fujitsu
  4. Step up assistance for our efforts on external campaigning

Members discussed campaign plans and were urged to talk to colleagues, collect and return petition signatures in time for Wednesday, and to commit to the various planned activities so that arrangements can be made.

Members received pay scale information.

The following were elected:


  1. Nikki Aldridge (MAN34)
  2. Ian Allinson (MAN34)
  3. Dean Burn (MAN34)
  4. Jackie Cook (MAN33)
  5. Dave Francis (MAN33)
  6. Isabel Hay (MAN34)
  7. Lynne Hodge (MAN33)
  8. Sulayman Munir (MAN35)
  9. Zahid Ramzan (MAN35)
  10. Phil Tepper (MAN34)
  11. Michael Thomas (MAN33)

Health & Safety Reps

  1. Ian Allinson (MAN34)
  2. Alan Child (MAN34)
  3. Kevin M Davies (MAN34)
  4. Lynne Hodge (MAN33)
  5. Iswar Mistry (MAN33)
  6. Dennis Morris (MAN35)
  7. Dave Parkinson (MAN34)
  8. Zahid Ramzan (MAN35)
  9. Colin Robinson (MAN35/HOM99)
  10. Andy C Smith (MAN34)
  11. Phil Tepper (MAN34)

Union Learning Reps

  1. Pauline Bradburn (MAN35)
  2. Dean Burn (MAN34)

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