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Our Fujitsu members are kept right up to date by our email newsletters, which are published here at a later date (confidentiality permitting). Join Unite today to get our news hot off the presses!

If you are an Unite member in Fujitsu who doesn't currently receive our email newsletters, but wants to, please contact us. .

June 23, 2016

Fujitsu Manchester newsletter

Click here for the latest UNITE newsletter being distributed in Manchester.

It covers the attempts to resolve breaches of agreements and the 2016 pay negotiations.

The leaflet advertises the members' meeting on 29 June and addresses the questions "Will we need to strike?" and "Why should I bother joining Unite?"

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June 13, 2016

Fujitsu national newsletter

You can download the latest Unite @ Fujitsu national "one per desk" newsletter, which focusses on the "Gimme 5" pay campaign, here.

It is also available internally via our CafeVIK portal.

We have a new Facebook page here.

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