April 24, 2009

Pay Campaigning in Manchester

Please keep up the pressure on Fujitsu, particularly before the stage 3 meeting on Thursday, by asking all your colleagues to sign the petition, to pass it on to their colleagues, to wear a Fair Pay lanyard etc.

You could also help out with the next petitioning session:

Tuesday 28th April – petitioning in the MAN34 canteen, any time you can spare between 12-2pm

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Pay Slips

If you were wondering why you haven’t had your pay slip this month, this isn’t more bad news – the company has moved to electronic pay slips from this month. If you still want to receive paper ones, you can select this option via Self Service.

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“No Rise Day” Prize Draw

Thanks to everyone who helped out, signed the petition or entered the draw on yesterday’s “No Rise Day”.

The winner of the draw was Ian Blackwood, who has received a cheque for £76.43, which is 2.5% of the average monthly salary in the bargaining unit.

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April 21, 2009

Pay Freeze – The Start Of The Thaw?

UNITE asked for information from the company to allow reps to assess whether there is any justification for the pay freeze.

Some confidential financial information has been provided in relation to financial year 2008/9. However, the company has made the astonishing claim that senior management didn’t have access to any forecasts for 2009/10 when they took the pay freeze decision! This doesn’t square with the company’s points made to UKCF reps debating the pay freeze.

UNITE and company representatives will be holding a “stage 3” meeting with ACAS on Thursday 30th April to try to agree a way forward on pay for the Manchester bargaining unit.

Meanwhile we have received the encouraging news that our colleagues in the PCS union have secured official confirmation that the company will be paying the second year of the pay deal for Aspire/RCBU employees in the “image” collective bargaining unit.

The PCS success shows that union organisation can deliver results. Please keep up the pressure on Fujitsu, particularly before the stage 3 meeting next Thursday, by asking all your colleagues to sign the petition, to pass it on to their colleagues, to wear a Fair Pay lanyard etc.

UNITE has followed up the national leaflet jointly issued with PCS with a local one distributed in the Manchester canteens.

The key point of this leaflet is to announce some of the campaign activities leading up to our meeting with the company and ACAS.

Thursday 23rd April – “no rise day” – activities in MAN34 canteen 12-2pm. Enter the prize draw and you can win back some of the money Fujitsu has taken from you. Why not pop along and help collect signatures for the petition too?

Tuesday 28th April – petitioning in the MAN34 canteen, 12-2pm.

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UNITE Manchester newsletter ("No Rise" Day)

To see an electronic copy of our latest paper one-per-desk leaflet on CafeVik, click here (a local version is here).

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April 15, 2009

Pass It On

If you know a few Fujitsu friends or colleagues who aren’t in the union yet but you think might be interested, why not pass this email on to them?

If you’re one of those friends or colleagues, and are interested in finding out more about UNITE in Fujitsu, you can leave your details here:

…or just join of course!

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UNITE for Jobs

In the current economic climate, job security is a high priority.

Though in Fujitsu we have so far avoided large-scale job losses, we continue to see groups of employees affected across the country. The redundancies are generally for reasons unconnected with the recession.

The company plans to close the Footscray (FCY01) site this summer, and issued the paperwork for 69 potential redundancies on 12th March. The company is only offering a 30-day consultation period to some of the people – the bare statutory minimum. If this had been happening in Manchester, where employees benefit from union recognition and the “Annex 1” agreement, they would have had at least 90 days, massively increasing their chances of securing redeployment.

Worryingly for employees elsewhere, the reason for some of the job losses is “offshoring” them so that the company can pay employees in Portugal less to do the same work. Do you remember all the assurances the company gave about only offshoring new work, and it not being a threat to jobs?

The company plans to end its service desk operations in Crewe, affecting 27 permanent employees and a number of temps. Again offshoring is contributing to the problem, with jobs being moved to Portugal and Poland as well as Wakefield and Newport. UNITE opposes making anyone redundant to give their job to someone else at a lower rate of pay, wherever it is in the world. As in Footscray, the company is offering only 30-days consultation where they can get away with it.

The company has started discussions with representatives of 162 employees on the NHS account across the UK who may end up being TUPE transferred to other employers, being redeployed or being made redundant.


UNITE is working with a number of other organisations and individuals on a “UNITE for Jobs” campaign, demanding that the government does more to protect jobs and the skills base of the economy.

As part of the campaign, there will be a major national march and rally in Birmingham on Saturday 16th May. UNITE will be providing transport to the demonstration for members, family and friends. If you would like to attend, please let your reps know as soon as possible where you’d be travelling from and whether anyone else will be coming with you so that your reps can make the necessary transport arrangements.

Even if you can’t make the demo, you can still sign the petition for jobs:

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Right to Ask to Work Flexibly

From 6th April, more than 10 million people now have the right to request flexible working, which is extended to parents of children up to 16 years old. Previously the right was only in respect of children under 6 (under 18 if disabled) and adult relatives.

This has now been incorporated into Fujitsu policy.

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Pay Freeze

A big thank-you to everyone who has so far signed our online petition against the pay freeze. In this short period of time, clashing with the Easter holidays, 1335 employees have already signed it.

If you haven’t signed already, please do. You can see the signatories and the comments they have left. The company is well aware of the petition, which has also received media coverage.

If you haven't already forwarded the email below to a few colleagues, please do, as there are still lots of people who haven't signed. We can't allow senior HR people to carry on claiming that most employees agree with the pay freeze.

Please DON’T get in trouble by forwarding this email to a big list of recipients. Even if sending to a short list, BCC is best.

We need to make a firm response, whether or not this results in the company retreating on the pay freeze itself. The stronger the response from employees, the less likely the company are to come back for more – whether that’s bonuses, pensions, out of hours payments or jobs.

The petition has been a great start – demonstrating to the company that employees won’t stay silent. But this is not the only step taken.

UNITE has been working with PCS (the second biggest union in Fujitsu) to campaign against the pay freeze. The two unions have produced a joint national leaflet which is now available for distribution.

If you can help distribute the leaflet at your site, please get in touch saying how many leaflets you need, where they should be sent and where you intend to distribute them. You can also request some of the UNITE “Fair Pay” lanyards for people to wear their ID cards on. Keep the pressure on!

Our reps in Manchester, where the union is already recognised by the company for pay bargaining, have also taken a number of steps decided by members at their meeting on 25th March:

  • Censuring the company for breaking the Manchester pay deal.
  • Using the right to information for collective bargaining to request a detailed justification for the pay review.
  • Registering a Failure To Agree in the pay talks.

As a result, the company has provided some financial information to UNITE reps in confidence, but reps remain to be convinced that this represents a legitimate basis for the pay freeze itself, or its announcement at such a late stage.

Central to the company’s case for the pay freeze are its concerns about financial year 2009-10, but the company has so far refused to provide any forecasts. UNITE is now pursuing legal action to force disclosure. Is the company keeping the forecasts secret because they don’t justify the pay freeze? If senior management took such a major decision without such forecasts then perhaps they are in the wrong jobs.

Following the Manchester “Failure To Agree”, “stage 3” talks have been arranged with ACAS for Thursday 30th April. The company negotiating team will be led by Richard Bull. UNITE will report back to members following this meeting.

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April 09, 2009

Fujitsu national newsletter - Joint UNITE & PCS newsletter about the pay freeze

To see an electronic copy of the joint UNITE and PCS national paper one-per-desk leaflet on CafeVik, click here (a local version is here).

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