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How to avoid being Fujitsu Voice-less

The company intends to terminate Fujitsu Voice and the associated redundancy agreement from 14th January 2017. The company has not said how it wants any replacement to differ from Fujitsu Voice, but is delaying its creation.

This page offers you the opportunity to formally register your support for collective bargaining through union recognition, which would include replacing Fujitsu Voice's redundancy consultation function and the right to a say over pay and benefits. The initial version of this page also included a facility to register your support for a new information & consultation body. As we approached the required 10% support the company issued an "employer notification" which has the same effect - well done to everyone who helped make this happen.

Please use the link below to register your support and pass the link to this page on to colleagues and encourage them to register their support from a Fujitsu email address. The number of responses is critical in the legal process.

NOTE: This is not an alternative to information & consultation - you can support both channels – they are not mutually exclusive. You can register your support regardless of whether or not you are a union member.


On 14 July 2016 Fujitsu gave notice to terminate the Fujitsu Voice Charter.

The Fujitsu Voice Elected Representatives were not consulted prior to this decision being taken. They raised a complaint via the formal dispute resolution process and asked the company to rescind the termination notice. More than 3400 employees responded to a poll. Over 90% of them opposed Charter termination. The internal stages of the dispute resolution process are complete but the company has not rescinded the termination notice.

Even if Fujitsu Voice reps progress the complaint externally to the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) this cannot overturn Fujitsu’s decision to terminate Fujitsu Voice.

Not only does termination of Fujitsu Voice leave UK employees without a national Information and Consultation channel. It also ends the associated redundancy agreement, allowing Fujitsu to rush redundancies through more quickly, with less consultation or no collective consultation at all.

Channel #1: Information and Consultation

Since the first version of this page went live, we've WON on this channel, so action is only now required on channel #2.

Initially, Fujitsu said they wanted to replace Fujitsu Voice, but not what with. To ensure that UK staff had meaningful influence over our working lives, we need something legally enforceable, to minimise the period without representation and the risk of changes taking place during it.

UNITE began collecting employee support for an "Employee Request" under Regulation 7 of the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004, which would start the process and ensure the new arrangements are legally enforceable. We were close to the required support (10% of employees) when the company issued an "Employer Notification". This has the same effect and saves us the trouble!

The company is still trying to delay the creation of the replacement. Instead of holding the elections during the three months after the employer notification, they currently propose to wait until January, eating into the time intended by the legislation for negotiating the new arrangements.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ web page.

Channel #2: Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining

A UK Information and Consultation body like Fujitsu Voice gives employees extra rights. But if the company wants to minimise them, the replacement could be much less powerful than Fujitsu Voice. For example, most Information and Consultation bodies don’t cover pay and benefits or redundancy consultation at all.

A separate set of rights comes from having union recognition and collective bargaining. About 10-20% of Fujitsu’s UK employees already have these rights, mainly through UNITE or PCS. Union recognition and collective bargaining is the only way employees can control how they are consulted about collective redundancies and ensure they have a voice over pay and benefits.

An Information and Consultation body must cover all UK employees irrespective of whether they are union members, or whether they are covered by collective bargaining. Union recognition only covers those employees in “bargaining units” which staff win by demonstrating enough support.

Unite will review the support from employees and determine which parts of the company (which could be based on geography, organisation units or roles) have enough support to apply for union recognition. Unite will not seek recognition in parts of Fujitsu where another union is recognised or has agreed with Unite that they are organising.

How can I support a request for collective bargaining?

If you would like Unite the Union to be recognised as being entitled to conduct collective bargaining on your behalf, simply click here to register your support from a Fujitsu email address.

NOTE: you don't need to be a union member to do this, any employee of Fujitsu Services Limited can register their support.

UNITE will only pass your details on to ACAS or the CAC, your details WILL NOT be provided to Fujitsu.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ web page.